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Plantar fat pads cushioning the elderly diminished capacity. Women over 30 years of age, plantar adipose tissue will gradually shrink, gradually thinning fat pad, shock-absorbing ability will be weakened, can christian louboutin shoes cause or exacerbate pain occur.


Pregnant women and obese people. He said that after wearing high heels, easy to fall; the center of gravity will be a corresponding change in the pelvis tilted forward, is not conducive to christian louboutin boots the normal natural childbirth. Obesity due to weight gain, plantar ligament load is too large and loose, it may cause flatfoot.


Pointed out that, according to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society study found that women five days a week to wear high heels and flat shoes compared to two years after Achilles tendon thickening harden, posterior leg muscle shortening 13%. If you wear flat shoes, the muscles and the Achilles tendon need to stretch to christian louboutin sneakers accommodate the height of the shoes, can cause discomfort and even pain in the calf. Therefore, he suggested, high heels (more than 2.5cm high heel shoes) should not be long-term wear, should be worn with flat shoes alternately.


In fashion circles, socks with high heels this match uncommon, even in some of the big show. However, if it is not personalized fashion, not born carrying what it is fashionable to wear gas field, so do christian louboutin heels not easily imitate the show, not everyone is suited socks fashion. Yellow Qiuku would like your thing, girl, do not let your taste ruining a pair of socks, barefoot shoes, is always the most beautiful way to wear high heels.


Some fashion big coffee stand bare feet, was the most prominent shoe shoes beauty, but also some sword easy road personally interpret this fashion heels with stockings this alternative "fashion."

Modeling complex dress, there is not much to speak of tailoring, waist is not obvious, let the people look very bloated, feet a pair of white stockings fantasy girl wave point is how is it? To the position of christian louboutin red bottoms what scale design ankle want to express? Yellow pointed high-heeled itself is simple and stylish, but also very dynamic, but now reduced to a foil products. In fact, as long as with a simple dress or suit will be very out of color.