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He said that if the foot itself has the following problems, but can not wear high heels, otherwise it christian louboutin fakes will cause severe disease and injuries occur:

There are foot problems such as hallux valgus and flat feet. Show, wearing high heels, due to gravity and shoes slope increases, the toes squeeze into the narrow little toe, toe deviated from the distal fake christian louboutins for sale end of the inner side of the axis shifted to the outside, it will induce the formation of bunions or Bigfoot bone. Wear high heels, the body center of gravity forward, posterior leg muscles to overcome gravity and often taut, long-term relaxation of muscles taut rear side appears "posterior tibial muscle dysfunction", resulting in the maintenance of foot arch tendon bit slack, Over time, the arch will lose support and collapse bits to form flat feet. Has occurred after hallux valgus or flatfoot, continue to wear high heels, the situation will only increase.

Suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee or knee had fake christian louboutins undergone surgery. He pointed out that the normal walking foot forward, knee-ankle vertical axis in the same decomposition can absorb more shock force. But after wearing high heels make the body center of gravity forward, the knee to withstand the pressure increases; Moreover, after wearing high heels is always first with the palm of the feet, causing the knee, pelvis and other parts to absorb more shock force. fake red bottom shoes Prolonged stress and pressure leads to premature strain induced patellofemoral osteoarthritis of the knee.

Habitual ankle sprain. After heel elevation, relative ligament in a relaxed position, walking ankle poor stability, easy sprain.

16 years of age who are not mature bone. Remind girls fake red bottom shoes for sale under the age of 16 Foot bones and joints and ligaments are still in a relatively relaxed state, the arch is not yet fully shaped, long time to wear high heels induced harm normal arch flat feet.