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High heels make a lot of women show a body beautiful. Wear high heels, legs more slender; when 10cm high heel, the dorsum of the foot and the ground will be presented the perfect angle of 45 °; back and forth in christian louboutin outlet usa order to maintain balance, hip and buttock muscles naturally shrink, abdominal contraction, chest to straighten, can Women now make one hundred obsequiousness.


But health experts point out that behind the beautiful high heels is to pay health costs, and some people even more is absolutely not wear high heels.American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society christian louboutin stores in usa Research Reports: 42 percent of American women admit to wear uncomfortable high heels but will not give up wearing high heels;


73 percent of American women already suffering from a disease associated with high heels.Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital orthopedic surgery, deputy director of orthopedic trauma christian louboutin usa online specialist, feet in the narrow tip of the narrow space, feet and legs, between the front foot and the sole friction and pressure can cause pain and blood blisters


corns occur over time and calluses; the higher the heel, the greater the slope, the body center of gravity forward, hard will substantially square full cone forefoot squeezed inside a narrow toe, foot front load christian louboutin Pressure concentrated in the toes, with narrow pointed toes toe restrict activities so tortured feet, easily induced hallux valgus (blackmailed), bunions, hammer toes, metatarsal head avascular necrosis and other diseases; heel elevation, posterior leg muscle contraction.


resulting in shortening of the Achilles tendon; body buy christian louboutin online cheap center of gravity forward, causing the pelvis forward; hip and back muscles shrink, lumbar facet joint capsule and joint long-term state of tension, joint capsule and back muscle strain is difficult to avoid, thereby causing back pain.