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However, the protection of copyright law is literary, artistic and scientific works in the field of industrial products are not protected. In shoes, for example, can be divided into two cases, one is practical christian louboutin clearance shoes, purpose is to meet the dress use; the other is the launch of the reaction trend designer and art direction of the shoe, the main purpose is to show and display. Among the former are not protected by copyright laws, the latter is likely to get protected by copyright law.


But Christian Louboutin's red-soled shoes are a range of products, annual sales is large, it does not belong to works of literature, art and science, but industrial products. As an industrial product, it can not be protected by copyright laws.High heels, white-collar Miss Chen will work through a single product. It can be worn for christian louboutin sale clearance some time, "hate day high" after she found was only ankle discomfort, even recent knee is not good, and squatted down or take a long time to get up, I have to be escorted, errands can slow Slow straight.


Nansha Guangzhou First People's Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Tang Liang attending practitioners recommend that women, want, high heels, can reduce the burden clearance christian louboutin shoes on the knee. Recommended wear thick crust and flexible soft-soled shoes, to reduce the impact on knee joint forces, to avoid knee wear out.


  Tang Liang pointed out that in addition to high heels, knee detrimental factors include weight-bearing exercise and obesity, it is recommended often stepped on the heels of white-collar workers, the daily multiple choice swimming and cycling and other sports. Also, be careful not to walk and work twisted body, not just with a christian louboutin sale clearance website foot on the side of the ground. Avoid prolonged squatting, squatting low to the best seats at work. Prolonged sitting and standing, but also constantly changing position, to prevent the knee fixed in one position and excessive force.


After wearing high heels do some massage health care: 1. put your hands on top of the knee often touching, tapping, rubbing the inner and outer knee eye, Hedingshan Yanglingquan, Yin Ling Quan, the full three years, foot Ze, a sea of ​​blood and other points can promote blood circulation, reduce bone spurs occur. 2. Set a rolling christian louboutin clearance online pin back and forth rubbing feet, plantar promote blood circulation, stimulate the foot Sanyang by reducing osteoarthritis.