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If you want to get protected by copyright laws, there must be original works of literature, art, science; if you want to protect trademark law, require significant trademark symbol, and to go through the trademark christian louboutin outlet online registration; If you want a patent law protection, appearance design work requires a novelty that never had before such a design.

In recent years, the fashion industry is booming in the "red shoes" is not an ordinary pair of shoes with a red background, it is the French high-heeled shoes designer christian louboutin shoes online designed a series of his own name name shoes, have become his trademark red logo.

However, he soon found creative red-soled shoes appeared on many similar goods, in order to protect the design of red-soled shoes, he sent a lawyer's letter to many brands, even filed a lawsuit. These cases have also caused widespread concern the design community and the legal profession. The design community is more concerned buy christian louboutin shoes online about "how to get design protection", and the legal profession more concerned about is the "right of where the boundary."

Suppose such incidents in China, whether the law can be given red-soled shoes to protect it? Our legal system is mainly composed of intellectual copyright law, patent law, trademark law where to buy christian louboutin shoes online constituted. Copyright, patent and trademark protection objects vary, but are likely to design protection.

From the date of completion of the works have copyright, trademarks or patents do not like to perform application and registration procedures as well, so, if we can get the christian louboutin usa online protection of copyright law, for a designer is very willing.